2 September 2013

Don't marginalize the truth in an attempt to find some kind of relief in an uncomfortable reality. It diminishes my past experience and serves to tell me that I have no right to my own history, but that I instead need to substitute your revisionist expectations, even if they are well intended.


(Okay, that sped through my brain and I wanted to stick it somewhere I would find it again; it is a truthiness I may want to use in a manuscript at some, if it ran through my head, there must be a reason, so I need to hold onto it.)

Okay. Now discuss.


Meg McGuire said...

Is that kinda like saying, "Reality bites, but we still gotta deal with it?"

Char said...

Oh I get this one, perhaps a bit too much. My aunt does this; in spite of the fact my mother left when I was just a toddler and every mark that left on me, every time the subject of her comes up my aunt has to emphasize just how much my mother really loved me.

Well, screw that. She may have loved me but she obviously didn't care about me. Pushing the idea that she loved me is just shitting all over the FACT that she left and never looked back.

My aunt is a nice person but she wants so badly for me to have this other view of my mother, and it really is disrespectful to my pain.

David E. Francis said...

Maybe this should be part of the job description for would-be (and present day) politicians. :-)