30 August 2013

My brain has been spectacularly blocked lately.  I’ve written a dozen blog posts and then deleted them because I was bored writing them so I presumed it would be boring to read them. I’ve written thousands of words for Max and then deleted them because they neither sounded like Max nor made for interesting reading.

Pretty much what I’ve been doing is sitting around staring at the laptop, feeling fat and not caring to do anything about it, and watching an incredible amount of bad TV.

“Why Thumper,” you’re thinking, “you must be depressed! That sounds like depression! Are you depressed?”

No. Really, I’m not.

Right now I’m just…lazy. And kind of liking it, to be honest. I’m not sitting around doing nothing because OMG life sucks. I’m sitting around doing nothing because playing online, surfing FARK and reddit and Facebook amuses me, and that bad TV is kind of fun.

On the Spouse Thingy’s days off I get off my asterisk and we go do things when we can think of things to do. Otherwise, I’ve pretty much enjoyed being a sloth.

But then I remembered I have a 40-mile walk coming up, and while the distance is not an issue my feet are not well prepped for it, and hills might be an issue.

On Wednesday we drove into San Francisco to walk around a bit, but mostly to get the giant ceramic frog I have wanted for about 3 years but had to talk myself into buying. Because, while it was awesome, it was also nearly $300 and I had a hard time justifying three hundred bucks for something that would just stand there by the fireplace freaking the cats out.

I finally decided the hell with it, I wanted the damn frog and the price wasn’t going to hurt us. So off to Pier 39 we went, where the frog had been standing in front of The Crystal Shop for as long as I could remember…and where it no longer was because someone else finally bought it.


Still, we were in SF, which I enjoy wandering around a lot more than I do Dixon. We stuck to the Wharf, so I didn’t exactly get any hills in, but we did around 6 miles and bought a couple of funny t-shirts. Next week we’re going back but heading for downtown, where there are hills, and where we can meet up with DKM for lunch.

I really should try to at least be somewhat prepared for the Avon Walk…even if it does cut into watching bad TV and playing online.

It would be easier if it weren’t so freaking hot out. I am not tolerating the heat well these days and anything over 75ish grinds me down. When I do think about setting the laptop aside and putting pants on to go outside where other people are, one look at the outside temperature is enough to make me click to the next website while muttering about the joys of having a working air conditioner.

I’m delicate, you know.

Yeah, this is boring as hell and I’m aware of it, but I need to actually not delete something for once.




olrebbie said...

oh, my dear woman; it all sounds too terribly familiar!! fret not. when you MUST, you SHALL!! you are made of stern stuff, and will succeed. in the meantime, have another sip of tea. i'm going to;-)

G.G. Mueller said...

Sloth is good. It replenishes the soul or the sole (whichever you prefer). It lets the brain catch up to the soul (or sole) and brings peace of mind. Once that is achieved the brain says"I am sufficiently rested" and the desire to complete something begins to be nurtured. I found this out by sitting on my brother's porch for a solid week watching grass grow (literally) after the completion of a 6 week, death-penalty trial. After that week I could almost form sentences with nouns and verbs. Pretty amazing...
Take care and be good to yourself.

Lynn Delage said...

I totally understand about the heat. We are having 95+ temperatures every day and if I have to go out, even with a/c in the car, I am just so wrung out when I get back home I can only flop down in my chair and move as little as possible until I cool off. I just received a Kindle for my birthday last week and the first books I bought were Out The Psychokitty Speaks and your Charybdis trilogy, both of which I have been wanting to read.