10 September 2013

The Spouse Thingy is on vacation this week--time off he put in for months ago--and we've made plans to do quite a few things: walk around SF, hike Muir Woods, hike a trail near Sausalito, just get out and enjoy the cooler temps near the coast, have fun. I need to walk more because the Avon Walk is coming up soon, and we both need to ramp up the activity a bit.

So of course, I woke up yesterday feeling tired and a little dizzy. And today I woke up a lot tired and a lot more dizzy.

I don't feel sick, so I'm guessing it's my sinuses or ears, but it's just enough to slap me back into bed for a couple extra hours a day and enough to have Max checking on me every 15 minutes.

Here's the thing about Nurse Max...he feels a deep need to check on me, but he can't do it quietly. He jumps on the bed, gets his face close to mine, and then meows loudly. Hey, you alive in there? I appreciate it, but it makes resting sort of problematic.

Right now, he's sitting on the back of the chair, snoopervising. I feel 90% better than I did this morning--the world is not spinning around me--but he keeps checking.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel normal, and I feel normal tomorrow the rest of the Spouse Thingy's vacation might not be spent hanging around the house being a giant lump, and Max can get some rest.

Granted, he might be working hard to get himself a Twinkie as a reward, but he is making an effort.

And in other news...remember the frog we went to SF looking for but had already been purchased? I found a picture of one on reddit, one that had been left outside and the arm broken, and posted it on Facebook. One of my old Monkey friends from the Wil Wheaton Soapbox days knew a friend who loves frogs, asked her about it, and she knew exactly what it was, and had the URL for the artist.

One link followed another, and bingo...I was able to order the frog.

It got here today...and holy carp, it's a lot bigger than I remembered.

Totally cool, though.


Angel and Kirby said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well. The frog is cute!

Shaggy and Scout said...

How cool the networking ended up with you getting the frog! My sister would have loved him!
I am the type who, when up and around in the dark, would come upon him and scream the first times I encountered him.