13 September 2013

Finally...we got out of the house and headed for something that wasn't HERE.

Leaving San Francisco; the view of the Bay Bridge behind us
We wandered around Union Square and China Town for a couple of hours; nope, I didn't spend all the Spouse Thingy's money even though I threatened to. Hell, he was the only one who bought anything. I was just happy to be out in semi-fresh air, and doing something that wasn't sitting here in my chair practically drooling, wondering if I was ever going to feel human again.

The weekend's planned activities involve mostly walking...which is a good thing since the Avon Walk is in only 2 weeks and I am not ready. If we do walking things 3-4 times a week I will be; the distance isn't the issue, it's reminding my feet that they will not die after mile 5.

At least I hope they won't.

I'd look awfully odd crawling over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Shuddup. Fine. Odder.


olrebbie said...

good ONya. i know the craving to be anywhere but HERE, glad you scratched the itch!

olrebbie said...

but I'DA spent his money.

kenju said...

Do the walking; can't hurt, might help. I'd love some time to wander Chinatown.