26 September 2013

Tomorrow I'm leaving the Spouse Thingy and the cats.

Really, I am.

Granted, it will only be for 3 days, but hey...I'm walking out that door with a packed bag, getting in my car, and heading for San Francisco.

Saturday marks the start of the Avon Breast Cancer Walk; it's 40 miles over 2 days, winding through SF and Marin County--which means walking over the Golden Gate Bridge, which is always fun...well, other than at 7 a.m. when it's cold and foggy--and while there's a camp at the end of the first day's route, I will get on a shuttle and head back to the hotel.

Yep, I'm feeling delicate. I want a real bed.

And no, I didn't do much in the way of fundraising this year. Since y'all were so generous last year and then I wound up not walking, I decided to self-fund this year to more or less make up those miles. I still feel like I owe them to you. And sure, over the year I've gone out and walked more than those miles, but not in the event. So...I'm walking. Hopefully the distance, but I'm not adverse to hopping on a sweep van if the need arises. And given the state of my digestive system lately...the need will likely arise.

Still... I do have one fundraising thing up my sleeve. I'm giving a t-shirt fundraiser a try, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to another walker who still has an upcoming event this year.

The shirts are $22 and I have to sell 20 of them in order for it to go to print (don't worry; if you buy one and only 19 sell, you'll get your money back...) and there are only 13 days left to order one.

Why purple? It's the ribbon color for cancer. And the pink feet? Because...walking. Raising money for a cure.

Please buy one. I really want to sell 20 so that *I* can have one... Christmas is coming, and one of these shirts would be a terrific gift for your favorite walker!

Just click HERE and you'll go right to the page where you can check it out.

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Connie said...

Would love to buy one for sure, but looks like it's a States only option :( I'm from Alberta Canada