26 February 2013

WooHoo, it's Trikke season. There are more warmish days in the 60 than coolish days in the 40s, sunshine, breezes light and stiff...time to play outside.

Now, I stopped riding my Trikke for the most part when I started walking for the first 3 Day I participated in; that was out of necessity, because I really needed to focus on being able to handle mega-miles, and it became apparent once my mileage was over 6-8 miles a day that I couldn't do both.

But now...I know I can handle the miles on foot once my feet are beaten into shape, so it's time to hop back on the Trikke, which is a much better cardio workout.

The thing is...I am nowhere near in Trikking shape. Ten minutes and my shoulders ache, my back hurts, and I kinda want to throw up.



There was hope. Rather than frustrate myself into never getting back onto a Trikke--which I live when I have the wind for it--I took advantage of a chance to get one with an electric motor at a pretty spiffy price. I got the lightest one (and consequently, goes the least amount of miles on a single charge) because you can still use it just like a regular Trikke. I can go without using the motor at all, I can use just a little bit of power to keep myself going and still get a good cardio workout, or I can go full tilt, motor only, and zoom down the street while I giggle endlessly.

I took it out for its inaugural ride this afternoon; the Spouse Thingy rode on his 100% body powered T12 Trikke and kept up with me when I used the motor on its light setting...which tells me he's in better Trikke shape than I am (and the bigger wheels on his Trikke help) but that we'll also be able to ride together because I won't peter out after 20 minutes. When he decided he was ready to head home, I cranked it up to full power and took off--and holy hell, that is way more fun than I should be having.

I still managed to use my legs to carve the Trikke back and forth, so I got a little bit of a workout even going 10mph, and I was a touch winded when I got home.

I am so going to have a blast on this.

And I'm going to want a 2nd battery...most I'll get out of this one is 6 miles on the high setting, and Thumpa wants to zoom.

For my heart health! No other reason, like being pretty much immature. It's for my heart...


Angel and Kirby said...

You are having so much fun! Just do not over do and end up in bed!

Derby, Ducky said...

You have way too many toys and having way too much fun. We is envy-ous.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Have fun! Post some pictures of you having fun too!