24 February 2013

Well, that was a short and miserable experiment. While the kitties were thrilled to have a litter box in the bathroom, I was not. I could live with the litter tracked out of the box. I could get over the litter they were tracking into the bathtub, because apparently after one pees and digs around in the litter the bathtub is a mighty fine place to jump into. I could even live with the sudden assault on my senses while I sat in my office when Buddah decided to bomb the litter box.

But one of them--and I won't specifically name his little furry black and white ass--can't keep said ass in the box, and was peeing all over the bathroom wall, the side of the tub, and the floor. He's already got the biggest litter box I can find short of resorting to a giant storage bin (which won't fit into the bathroom) so they're back down to one litter box.

They'll survive.

I might not, if the little black and white furball doesn't like it. Cripes.


Nurse Kathy said...

Anna could never keep her be-hind in the regular height litter boxes. I bought some with higher sides. (they are meant to be covered but we only use the bottoms) She still pees up against the side of the box which makes the litter glue itself to the sides but at least it is inside the box instead of under it.

Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Max. We has a litter box in the bathroom and had to move it when company came so they could have privacy from the cats!

Victoria Henderson said...

He was just trying to write his name in the litter, be glad he isnt Mr. Flibbertygibbit.