1 March 2013

Today, I should be in Charleston, and right about now I should be close to finishing the first day in the 3 day, 50 mile Challenge Walk for MS. Instead, I’m sitting in Starbucks, not working on the outline of a book I intended to be working on because playing online is way more fun, and sitting far away from anyone else because I may or may not be riddled with cooties.

DKM and I were supposed to fly out there this week and walk with Jeni and Dean McCaughan, but real life things got in the way and we had to bail. I’m just a little grateful I realized I wasn’t going to be able to go before I really started fundraising; I still feel bad about not doing the Avon Walk last year, and if I’d had to pull out of this one with any funds raised at all, I would have felt like a huge failure.

Seriously. I would have felt 20 kinds of upset and embarrassed.

In any case, Jeni and Dean are out there pounding the pavement and keeping us updated on Facebook, complete with a few pictures, which is all kinds of cool. I’m a weird level of Very Happy that they’re doing this; I know the experience of that first long walk, and it’s an amazing kind of cool I wish everyone could try, even if it’s only once.

On the end of the maybe-it’s-a-good-thing-I-didn’t-go spectrum… A couple of days ago I rode my bike up to Sacramento—it has a funky issue with eating batteries and we want to know why, even though I’m 99% sure it’s my fault for letting the bike sit in the garage off a charger for way too long this winter—and on the way home I started feeling not so great.

I felt not so great yesterday, too, and today…still not so great. It might have been something I ate—the Spouse Thingy wondered if I’d gotten another stealth mushroom, but I think I would be sicker if I had—but it also might be errant cooties coughed my way at some point.

In any case, I might have headed east and gotten sick out there.

For the record, I’m getting really tired of feeling like this. I haven’t been sick as often as I was last year and certainly nothing that’s been anywhere near the eruption that kept me from the Avon Walk, but I still have more days than I like where I don’t think venturing from home is a good idea. Or if I do, I make sure it’s someplace like Starbucks, where I can bolt to the restroom and not worry it’s going to be a gross mess of other people trashing it.

I’ve still committed myself to a few things this year: next weekend I’m walking the virtual 10K for the Leukemia & Lymphome Society, I’m crewing for the SGK 3 Day with DKM again, and I’ve been trying to register for a half marathon for the American Heart Association but I’m having issues with their website.

I’m also registered for the Avon Walk in September…but I’m not fundraising for it. I’m doing that one largely self-funded (I’ve had one good sized donation from someone who said they could care less if I walk it, ride the sweep vans all day, or spend the weekend shopping…I’m not arguing with that) and I’m doing it this way to more or less make up for last year.

Plus…I can take the tax deduction for it next year.

Also…if I find I can only walk part of it, it’s my money, so I won’t feel bad. I’ll feel bad if I can’t walk it at all, because I don’t want to miss another one and I want to hang with DKM, but if I have to hop a sweep or two…I’ll just count it as having paid for the ride ;)

(Y’all know half of why I do these things is to hang with DKM and talk about you guys, right?)

((We say nice things. Really.))

You know how when you’re trying to figure something out and you can’t because you’re too focused on it, but as soon as you stop trying to figure it out and concentrate on something else it comes to you?

The culprit, perhaps?
Fine, now that I’m sitting here not thinking about why the hell I started feeling like crap on the way home the other day and how I don’t feel as bad as I would if I’d gotten a mushroom, it occurred to me that what we had for lunch was from an Asian place in a mall.

It probably had soy in it.

Guess what I can’t consume?

Well now. Perhaps I’m cootie free after all, which kind of negates the whole, I could have been sick in Charleston thing, because I wouldn’t have eaten there on Wednesday if I’d been headed east for the walk.

And now…this post has truly become Thumper Thinking Out Loud…



Victoria Henderson said...

Evil bastard stealth foods!

Angel and Kirby said...

Soy is evil to some of us! Others just do not understand that. Sorry you are not feeling 100%