25 February 2013

All right...the aforementioned little black and white furball so far has not thrown a temper tantrum about the removal of the second litter box. I don't think he's happy, but he's not issuing rapid-fire complaints at me.

Could be he's happy because there's been lap time? I've had more free time since Saturday when I uploaded the files for his book to the printer and distributor. It's already gone live on Amazon for the Kindle version, but it'll probably be a couple of weeks before the print book is available. I haven't seen a proof copy yet and the distributor won't release it until I do. And given that there's already been one minor hiccup with the cover, a proof will likely be delayed for a couple of days.

The hiccup really was a small one; the front cover image lapped over the spine by about the width of a hair. I could have told them to leave it, that's fine, but when I looked at the original file I spotted a typo on the back...might as well use the opportunity to fix that.

Because I opted for 90 days of exclusivity with Amazon for the digital version, it won't be available for the Nook for a while. I went with that because sales through Barnes & Noble only accounts for about .5% (that's point-five, not five) of our overall sales, and giving Amazon exclusivity for 90 days opens the book up to a few markets at a better royalty rate than we would have gotten.

So yeah, you in the book to make it worth it.

While we wait for the proof copy of the print book--there will be signed copies available--I'm taking a few days to do fun stuff, like taking my motorcycle in for repair (it eats batteries), and then getting on the Trikke (because I got a new one and it's RED), but I'll head back to work on Thursday or Friday.

I'll be suffering Starbucks withdrawals by then, I'm sure.

And before you ask, no, the next book is not by Max. I've had a project on the back burner for almost a year and want to play with it a little bit. I have most of the story swimming around in my head...b ut I don't have character names. I'm really close to assigning them numbers instead.

Or I'll name them all after friends.

Which one of you wants to be the bad guy?


Cheysuli and gemini said...

OOH OOH OOH... Make the Male the Bad Guy!!!! Dennis. Doesn't that sound EVIL?

Willow said...

Just bought it! Scritch the Big Guy for me!!!

Books, hooks, needles, and my weightloss journey said...

I have found this Fantasy Name Generator very helpful in choosing names. Yeah it's for Fantasy, but they might have links to regular ones.

Victoria Henderson said...

I'm bad, and was drawn that way.
Oddly, 2nd time tonight I've said that!

Derby, Ducky said...

Can you make mum a good girl? She needs to be a "good" girl. :)

Tara and Heather said...

woohoo - downloaded a copy to the Kindle - now to find a few moments to read it.
You could take a page out of Brandon Sanderson's book - he auctioned off having your name put into the last Wheel of Time book - the money went to charity. Of course he reserved the right to modify the name to fit the series.

Thumper said...

That's actually an awesome idea...I have a walk coming up in September, I could offer names in the book for donations...

WooHoo...thanks for the idea!