2 February 2013

Nike running app...
Okay, I walked it because I just don't run, but it still thrilled me. I normally walk a 20 minute mile, and have no idea how the hell I pulled off a sub-15 minute mile.

I got new shoes, so that might be it.

Two of my other miles were at a 20 minute pace, the other two were at a 17:15 pace. So, yay.

I have to enjoy this now because it may never happen again.

I have to admit, too, that the other day when I went out for a walk (walking to Starbucks instead of taking the car or motorcycle) I realized that 1) I haven't been taking deliberate walks much lately, mostly because of weather, and 2) I really missed it.

Also...I like walking a hell of a lot more than I do riding my bicycle, but I think that's largely because I'm not in biking shape. My heart rate doesn't skyrocket and I don't get to where I can't breathe and talk, but my thighs are on fire by the half-mile point and stay that way.

Soooo out of shape...

But...I'm ready for the NWM 10K next month, no worries there. And if I ever freaking remember to register for it, I'm not worried about the American Heart/American Stroke Association half marathon in May (as long as I have enough time to finish...) and the big one, the Avon Walk, isn't until September so I have plenty of time to get ready for that.

For now...just going to enjoy the amazing weather we're having, and walk when I can. Only thing better would be if we were close enough to SF to go wander through Golden Gate Park on a whim, or even wander around downtown, but strolling around town is nice enough for now.

Remind of that when I'm bored with the city streets...I was having a good time in February.

And holy's February already.



Victoria Henderson said...

Magic shoes!

Angel and Kirby said...

good shoes are very important and new ones are fun!

Derby, Ducky said...

Woohoo for walking fast. Mum has to beware of slippery spots when she walks so she is slower this time of year.