8 August 2009

"The manuscript," Editor Tracy says, "is not too long. Normally I would prefer to see books of this genre in the 115-125K range, but fans of the series will appreciate the length."


Granted, she did go on to say that there are a few spots that need work, but I knew that already. She confirmed the necessity in cutting 1200-1500 words that had already been suggested as trim-able from someone else and pointed out a few places I need to tighten.

So...I can get back to work.

While I've not been working, I've been terribly blog-blocked again, so mostly all I've done for the past two weeks is play online, poke around on Facebook, and drool.

I've got the drooling thing down to a fine art.

You'd think with all the not-working time I've had that the house would be spotless, but really, that would only cut into my playing online time, and we can't have that.


The Whiskeratti said...

Clearly Max has taught you well the fine art of Serious Relaxing. My two have that effect on me, as well. Nobody teaches it like Kitteh Kind.

kenju said...

You sound like me. Since I got on FB and learned I could play games on lone, my house has never been dirtier!!

Angel and Kirby said...

I understand completely. I would rather play than clean

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations are in order, I think. I feel the same way about housework as you do, but I really need to get some done soon. I hope that the trimming goes well.

Undr said...

If you're getting back to work does this mean you won't be IMing with my wife as often? Because really, you're a bad influence on her, and you can stop anytime now.

P.S. I still have cookies :)

Thumper said...

Since you have cookies and I don't, I am going to keep IMing with your wife and giving her ideas about ways to torment you.

You're welcome.

The Meezers said...

i totally agree - housecleaning really cuts into the online playing time

Gata said...

How did you get connected with your editor/publisher/etc? I'm a hopeful author with an almost done book and no idea what to do. Thanks.