11 August 2009

Every few months my endocrinologist likes to take a look at my blood; it's just routine, and other than finding out a few months ago that I am significantly Vitamin D deficient, it's always normal.

Well, normal with the help of multiple medications, but hey, I have medical proof of my normalcy.

I had an appointment at 2 pm today and we headed out in time to get there ten minutes early, because that's what you do. You get there early because there's always a slim chance of begin seen early. We walked in, the Spouse Thingy sat down to read while I checked in...and I was told my doc is no longer at that office.

Excuse me?

Nope, she's now at the Woodland office.

Twenty minutes away.

It would have been nice if that information had been relayed when the appointment was made. I was not a happy Wabbit as I drove to the new office; by the time we got there and checked in, not only would I be at least 10 minutes late but I had figured on being completely done by then.

But, I didn't have to wait long once I was there.

And again, I am normal.

Shuddup. I have proof. I go back in 4 months, because hey, why not enjoy getting reams of blood sucked out of me, even though we all know it'll be the same thing all over again. Minus the doctor moving on me...


Angel and Kirby said...

That is too bad! When my DR. moved, I received a postcard and an e,ail and when i got a reminder call, they told me they had moved. That is how it should be done. Glad you are normal!

The Whiskeratti said...

Well that sucks!!! I'm glad you are all checked out again, though.

RANGER said...

I wonder how many of the evader's patients will fume and not follow?

Patients need patience . .

Sleepypete said...

Muppets !

Good to hear you're still normal (lol :-) - I daren't head to the doctor. They'd probably send me to places to get lots of referrals for fixing all my broken bits.

Chicka said...

Mebbe he was hoping you wouldn't find him? Sounds like you're too normal for him. *snicker*

Bluegrass Mama said...

Bummer on the unannounced move! But what is it with vitamin D deficiencies lately? One of my friends told me she had one (while explaining that her great tan was from soaking up D the natural way), and boom! I was diagnosed with the same thing. My doc recommended vitamins, not sun. :-(

Twisted Cinderella said...

How frustrating that they didn't tell you!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I could have written that same post word for word! It was like Dejavu - so, yes dear, you are indeed perfectly normal. Or I'm not, which is unthinkable. teehee