I am surrounded by boxes and assorted piles of barely identifiable stuff, but I haven't made much effort to put anything away. My feet hurt--it's like walking on bruises--and my back hurts more than usual, so I'm pretty much just sitting on my butt today. The Spouse Thingy had to go to work; me, I'm just playing online.

We turned in the keys to the other house yesterday and had our suspicions confirmed: the owner is in over his head and the house will be foreclosed on. I suppose the only one trying to sell it will be the bank, but who knows when. The lawn will die, the landscaping will go to pot, and it will eventually just look like crap, which is a shame because it's an awesome house.

I rarely miss places once we've moved out, but I'll miss that house. We're already finding things we like about this one: it seems to be better insulated, and the upstairs is not brutally hot even with the a/c running; the hot tub and the pool; the special nook in the garage where 2 of the 3 bike fit nicely. It's nice enough and has enough going for it that I won't mourn having moved out of the house next door, but I will miss it.

Now, if only the moving fairy would wave her magic wand and put everything away for me...

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