The Spouse Thingy has been off for about a week, so instead of putting this house together (it still looks like a bomb went off in here...I am just not motivated to get it done) we made a effort to do a few things. Like a movie (3:10 To was ok) but we went to the theater with the crappy popcorn, which really should be a crime, because a theater is supposed to have popcorn that's at least edible...

On Saturday we took a trip to Denio's, a huge flea market/farmer's market up near Sacramento. I made it halfway through before the Spouse Thingy had to go to the car and get the wheelchair. Then I got enjoy shopping other people junk at everyone else's butt height. It was wonderful. I did find a nice hi-viz yellow sweatshirt, that was worth the trip. The Spouse Thingy found some really, really, really cheap tools. They'll break with the second use, but who can pass up really, really, really cheap tools?

Yesterday we braved the traffic and went into San Francisco to go through the Museum of Modern Art. There were a few really cool things, like the light spectrum wall pictured here. It was really trippy to get up close, until my entire field of vision was just this wall, watching it cycle through the full color spectrum. I imagine it would be quite a bit more fun if one was a little, um, high... We also discovered that we're not big fans of modern art. Half of what we saw looked like it had been done by a six year old hopped up on sugar and caffeine, and half of the other half was like "why is that art? Why is stringing a bunch of light bulbs together and hanging them from the ceiling considered art?"

Long Ramp DownAcross from the museum was a nice park...with a really long ramp where the Spouse Thingy threatened to let go of the chair (again, long walk, hard surfaces, it was needed...) I shouldn't have been, but I was surprised by how many people hit us up for money in a 2 block radius.

ThumpaZuki 6Today we took a bike ride, and stopped to take a picture of my shiny toy, with its new handlebar risers and mirror extenders. You're impressed, I know you are.

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