Thumper's Lessons Learned This Week...

  • Moving sucks
  • It is possible to go from heartbreak to ecstatic relief in just three words
  • Cats learn to whine when the temperature inside the house reaches 98 degrees
  • Moving sucks
  • Especially when it's wicked hot
  • A hot tub is a wonderful thing
  • Moving sucks so hard that next time we're hiring someone to do it for us
  • A kitty who feels ignored will try to push the laptop computer off your lap in order to make room for himself
  • He will not be reprimanded, because moving sucks for cats, too, and he deserves a lap
  • I need new feet, and a new back
  • Our landlady is very nice...she not only made sure the a/c got fixed, but she also inquired about the kitties and whether or not we'd figure out a way for them to reach the highest wall cut-out places, and does not mind if odd looking ledges are bolted to the wall to get the kitties up as high as they want to be
  • An unheated pool is very cold, even when it's very hot out, but the hot tub makes up for that
  • And moving sucks.

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