It's what, Tuesday? Since we turned in the keys to the other house, I have done absolutely nothing of worth. For the most part I have kept my ample ass in a chair and played with my computer or watched TV; I did empty a couple of boxes in an attempt to find pots and pans, but I didn't find what I was looking for, and I didn't feel like doing anything else.

Until today, I just didn't have the energy to put things away. A week of hauling stuff, boxes upon boxes, and furniture and utter crapola left me pretty much exhausted (and a few pounds lighter, w00t!) The Spouse Thingy was pretty freaking tired, too, but he had to go to work regardless (where he watched Heroes on DVD and spent time gabbing with his student, so don't feel too sorry for him.)

Today, I had energy, but our poor bikes had not been out for a ride in over a week and they missed us, so we felt obligated to take advantage of this odd cool day and take them out. And then we had shopping to do--damn thing about moving into new places is that the curtains rarely fit from one place to the next--and there was a lengthy visit to the bank... so nothing got put away today, either.

I have high hopes for tomorrow. Surely I will have energy again, and will dive into all those boxes in the garage with gusto.

And monkeys will fly out of my butt, too.

Chances are, I'll putter around, get distracted by the pool or the hot tub (we are NEVER living without a hot tub again) or even go shopping for lamps, because for whatever reason, this house has no overhead lights in any room.

I wonder if I can carry floor lamps home on the bike...

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