I was invited to join this rather bizarre email ring yesterday. Sibling Slam. Remember the Slam Books in high school, those vicious tomes wherein one would scribble something horrible and cruel about someone else in the class? This was basically a high school slam book wrapped up in a giant mass email ring, wherein one writes something horrible and cruel about a sibling, apparently for the sheer joy of spite.

Because of the nature of my siblings, I decided to play along, and sent in this:

OMG y'all would not BELIEVE my sisters! SERIOUSLY. One time, when we were dead broke and had a baby to feed and clothe, I had this horrible, raging, unbearable toothache, and you know what one of my sisters did? DO YOU?

She gave me a blank check so that I could go to the dentist. A BLANK CHECK! I could fill in any amount needed!

Really, who needs a sister like that?

For some reason I cannot fathom, I was quickly disinvited to participate in Sibling Slam. I'm so ashamed, and hurt.


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