Tag, I’m It…

First, your eyes do not deceive you; I changed the template to the blog again. And yes, it looks an awful lot like Buddah’s blog…but with spiffy red lines!

And since I got tagged by Redneck Mommy, I bring you this meme:

Accent – Californian. Seriously.
Booze of choice – Vodka. Goes well with diet Mountain Dew
Chore I hate – All of them
Dog or Cat – Prefer the kitties, but I do like most dogs.
Essential electronics – It’s all about the computer, baby…
Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s) – NONE. I want them BANNED!
Gold or Silver? – Gold, for sure.
Hometown – Don’t really have one
Insomnia? – I have sleep issues…have had for about 10 years.
Job Title – Literary Goddess
Kids? – Just the one. He makes me feel old.
Living Arrangement – renting a house. It’s a nice house, even with the ants.
Most admired trait – I have an admired trait?
Number of Sexual Partners – That’s kinda personal…
Overnight Hospital Stays – Hmmm..’79, ’83, ’02…so 3 of them.
Phobia – Heights and dying.
Quote - The flipside of doubt is faith...
Religion – Well…yeah…
Siblings – Yes.
Time I wake up – Which time? The cat wakes me at 6:30; I call him names and then go back to sleep, and wake up whenever I feel like.
Unusual talent/skill – Hey, my kid might read this…
Vegetable I refuse to eat – Mushrooms. Because they’ll kill me. Or at least make me wish I was dead.
Worst habit - Procrastination
X-rays – Are you kidding? I’m surprised I don’t glow in the dark.
Yummy foods I make – cookies.
Zodiac sign – Virgo. Not sure that means anything important.

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