Searching For Silver Linings, And All That...

The bad: We have to stand in line at the DMV tomorrow to pay my car registration; I tried to pay online, but because the plate has changed since last year, it wouldn’t let me.
The good: The DMV is located near an awesome Chinese buffet.

The bad: Buddah understands how a door knob works
The good: He hasn’t yet figured out how to get traction to make the knobs turn.

The bad: After 4 years of enjoying its absence, PMS has returned with a vengeance.
The good: At least my bones are better protected now, thanks to the freaking hormones.

The bad: Now I crave chocolate a lot.
The good: Now I have an excuse to have chocolate more often.

The bad: Major, major weather-inspired headache today.
The good: Since I could not think, you’re now spared any further of my musings today.

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