I had to do it myself. All by myself. =sniff= All those boxes, cluttering the garage, needing to be moved hither and yon…

Okay, so the garage needed to be rearranged because *I* wanted to get the table that the Boy had in his apartment out for use in my office. And *I* wanted to be able to park my car on one side of the garage and not the middle (because frankly, that’s a pain in the tuckus when there are other cars in the driveway and I want to pull my car out…if it’s on one side then only one other car has to be moved so that I can drive my beloved…) Just because it was all *my* idea that doesn’t mean *I* wanted to put forth the effort.

But I did. And I didn’t even whine while I was doing it, because frankly, whining is not worth the effort when there’s no one within ear shot to annoy.

In moving these boxes around and stacking them just so, I discovered a few things:

♦We own entirely too many books.
♦Book boxes are very heavy and are difficult to sling above head height for stacking purposes
♦If we ever get around to really going through all those boxes, we’re going to need a much bigger trash can
♦We seriously own too many books

I did not reward myself with pizza, though I’ve been craving it since the idea popped into my head and if I still want it tomorrow, dammit, I’m getting a pizza. And I did not engage in the mass consumption of drinkage and snackage, unless you count having 2 snacks last night, an orange and then later a little baggy of pretzel sticks. And certainly no one gave me $20… but I can go to the ATM and pay myself later.

Ooh. Maybe I will.

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