It's Not A Complaint...

We were prepared for the DMV. We timed it so that we'd feel justified in going to the Chinese Buffet (King's Buffet on Orange Drive, for those who live nearby and want to try it... they have lotsa choices, plus a Mongolian BBQ) afterwards and we each took a book so that we'd have something to do to pass the time whilst waiting. God forbid we should sit there and talk. The only thing I forgot was my iPod. Green Day blaring American Idiot would have been nice.

The parking lot was packed, so we had an "ugh" moment but reveled in the dea that we were more than ready to face the crowds. I thumbed my early-issue paperback copy of Freakonomics (ha! You want the paperback, too, I know you do!) and figured I had half of it left, that was plenty to read. And if all else fails, there's always conversation with the Spouse Thingy. Sure, he might me engrossed in his own book, but that wouldn't stop me from annoying him by talking and talking and talking...

We stepped in, got our number, which was C007, and checked the TV thingy that displays what number they're on.


We'd barely had our butts in the chairs (yes! Our DMV has seating!) when our number was called. It took less than 5 minutes, in and out.

What happened to the DMV? This is the second time lately that we've gotten in and out in under 15 minutes. What happened to the 3 hour wait time? What happened to the mass confusion and clerks pointing you to a second then a third line before sending you back to the first? Who finally got organized???

Is this one of the End Of Times signs?
Are we doomed?
:::wanders off, worried:::

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