Pimping the Kitty

My cat is more popular than I am.

‘Tis sad, but it’s true.

He has a bigger reader-base for his blog, plus he gets fan mail.

And he has a new book. Well, his newest will officially go into distribution in late May, but there are pre-publication copies to be had. In an effort to be cheap, I wanted to get a proof copy using Cafepress as the printer, and honestly, it looks better than what comes off the presses of my “real” printer. The text is better, and the pictures are crisper. (More crisp? Eh, they look better…)

He’s very excited about this book. Not only is it what one might expect from the PsychoKitty, but he’s sharing his poetry with the world, plus he answers his email. Questions from “How do I get my people to clean my litter box more often” to “If lemonade is made from lemons, and orangeade is made from oranges, what is Gatorade made out of?”

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out Page O’Psycho Books

Yep, it’ll be available retail this summer, but you can have it first… Either directly from Cafepress, or an autographed copy from His Snarkiness...

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