It’s not quite 10 a.m., the Boy and the Spouse Thingy are still asleep (the former because he was up very late, the latter because he has to work tonight) and I’m sitting here trying to figure out why the cats seem to feel some pressing need to speed through the house as fast as they can, up and down the stairs, down the hall and into a bedroom, over and over and over, sounding much like I imagine a thundering herd of elephants would.

For the last 15 minutes I’ve hissed “Stop it! Calm down! Do I have to lock one of you up?” as they race past me, worried the sound of their collective 24 pounds beating on the floor will wake the Spouse Thingy. Do they care? Max paused once and looked at me like, “Lady, you wanted us to get along and play, so shut up and let us play.”

Buddah glanced at me once as he zoomed past, but I’m pretty sure all he was thinking was “Wheeeeee!”

We did not forget about the little furballs yesterday; since no turkey was being prepared at home, I slid a piece to the side of my plate at Denny’s last night and brought it home for them; Max gobbled his up, Buddah took a few bites and then walked away as if he didn’t understand what the big deal was. Eh, turkey. Dead bird. Max was more than happy to finish off what the little guy obviously didn’t want.

The theater yesterday wasn’t as packed as I expected it to be; we left the house thinking we’d see Walk the Line but when it appeared that there wouldn’t be 10,000 screaming kids to deal with, we paid for Harry Potter tickets instead. The Boy didn’t like it (he hasn’t read the book) and I could pick the movie apart, but for the sake of my holiday enjoyment, I won’t. I went into it knowing they had to pare a 700+ page book down to 2 and a half hours, so a lot was, of course, going to be left out.

Still…I kind of hope they get a different director for the next one. Maybe the guy that did the first two…?

Denny’s wasn’t crowded at all, either. We didn’t get the best of service—the lone server was a little slow to take our order and she kept forgetting to bring a part of my order to the table—but the food was good and it beat the heck out of cooking and then doing all those dishes afterwards and then trying to decide how many Vicodin it was going to take to make nice with my back.) And since we’ve had that server a few times before (how sad…we’re becoming regulars at Denny’s) we know it wasn’t because she’s a bad waitress; she was just having an off day, and it happened to be a holiday.

Sure, it affected her tip; instead of the $20 I was planning on leaving we left $10, but that was still 25%. I still had a nice dinner (I can’t speak for the guys; the Spouse Thingy seemed happy enough but I’m pretty sure the Boy found the whole day to be one giant holiday disappointment) and being in the restaurant a little longer than expected was no big deal.

10:20…and quiet. The cats have stopped running and the guys are still asleep. If I had an air horn, now would be the time to use it…

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