I think we’ve moved all we’re going to move until the Boy’s friends haul off all the big stuff. Today we need to pick up the trash we’ve managed to create all over the place (we are very trashy people, it turns out,) do some general cleaning, etc. So what am I doing? I’m sitting here at the computer instead.

Having slept like crap last night (apparently, due to my own stupidity in thinking the Boy was still out at 4 a.m. on a weeknight, when he was actually in his room asleep, but I saw a light on and figured he hadn’t come home, so I laid there and worried and decided he was dead at the side of the road somewhere, but I didn’t get out of bed to check because, after all, surely someone would have called or come to the door if he was hurt…Turns out it was my closet light and not the light we usually leave on for him when he’s out at night. Eh, yeah, my own stupidity. I could make this aside a whole lot longer but I’ll be nice and spare you the gritty details of how my mind works t 4 a.m.) I feel worthless today. Oh, I took some trash out and sort of helped with some boxes that we took over to the house this morning, but other than that, I haven’t been of much use.

I doubt I’ll be much help tomorrow, either. My job will be to stay out of the way for the most part, perhaps playing traffic cop as I tell the guys what goes where as they bring it into the house.

The cats are taking the commotion rather well; Buddah is just curious about what we’re doing and he’s having fun with all the boxes. Max seems to know what’s going on and has a “God, not again! I am so totally going to poop on something!” attitude. When we lock them in the bathroom tomorrow, I think we’ll confirm his worst nightmare.

Party at my house Sunday. And wear old clothes. ‘Cause, well, you don’t want to get good stuff dirty, and I know this terrific party game called Put Thumper’s House Together. Its loads of fun and you’ll love it. Really you will.

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