• I’m not sure where Tuesday and Wednesday went, but I’m pretty sure they were lost to doing everything except what I should have been doing.
  • Like taking care of the still-not-completely vacated apartment
  • Or hanging pictures, emptying boxes, etc here
  • Check out dulldulldulldull
  • No, it’s not mine.
  • I found it on the 2nd or 3rd day it started
  • It made me snort Cherry 7Up Plus out my nose.
  • I’m dreading weighing tomorrow
  • Because that’s the day it “counts.”
  • I started Christmas shopping today.
  • Don’t tell the cats, but I bought them something.
  • While I am enjoying this extra car-top-down weather, I won’t mind when it gets cold.
  • I have a couple of spiffy jackets I want to wear.
  • But I do not want snow; the Evil People can have it all :)
  • Yes, I am mean.
  • Karma will get me in the end.

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