Ordinary bedroom.
Ordinary bed.
Ordinary bookcases.

However… I do not have an ordinary cat. What I have is a semi-psychotic furball who experiences a mostly normal life, with periods of inexplicable insanity. He howls his little head off in the middle of the night, just because he can. He stalks and attacks, running up behind his target, whacking them on the back of the leg or butt, after which he runs away. He enjoys sticking his nose up my left nostril. He stalks his water dish. He jumps up into someone’s lap, presumably to be petted, whereupon he sinks his teeth into the closest arm and then runs away. He can turn the bathroom lights on and off.

And now. Now he has bookcases right next to the bed.
He now has a new middle of the night activity.
If he could, he’d learn to shriek “Bonzai!” or “Germonero!*”
If he could, he’d paint a target on my stomach.

*Ask The Boy…

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