How To Get Out Of Work Without Even Trying

1. Have a bad back. This keeps people from asking you to lift heavy objects, such as moving boxes and mattresses and desks.

2. Have 3 sleepless nights. You look like hell, and no one wants you around.

3. The morning when the work is to be done, crawl back into bed and sleep until it is completed.

4. Marvel at how much good that nap did you, as everyone else sits, all sweaty, looking stupefied.

The Boy has moved his stuff into what was my office; I was the Good Mommy and slept while he and the Spouse Thingy loaded the truck and did the rest of the grunt work. When the came home, I remained the Good Mommy and stayed out of their way. And when the truck was unloaded, I suggested pizza for lunch.

Because, you know, we all worked so hard…

In other news, the cat had shrimp two days in a row, and his Younger Human is here. If there’s a feline 7th Heaven, he has achieved it.

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