It’s time to get your geek on.

I have a not-so-old Sony Vaio computer running Windows XP. It has the tendency to reboot itself (usually at an inopportune time) and it recently developed the very rude habit of closing down any programs I have running. When it does this, no matter how many times I’ve saved whatever I’m working on (usually a manuscript) everything reverts back to how it was when I booted up the computer for the day.

I’m getting ticked off.

I did a full system restore not too long ago, hoping that would fix things; it didn’t.
I made sure it’s not overheating.
There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the problems and new/old software.

So I come to you, the intelligent of the computer world.
What’s wrong, and is it terminal?
Do I need to euthanize this POS?

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