Oh, man, talk about disappointing. Where’s all the fun in taking Vicodin? Where’s the rush? The thrill? The high?

I popped one last night—the idea being a pain free night makes for a good night and a good night means sleep—and nothing. No fun. No thrill. No high.

Really. No high!
What’s the point?

Seriously, I took it and got nothing out of it. The pain was certainly still there, and I didn’t sleep well because, well, I couldn’t sleep. I wound up getting out of bed and playing online until 3:30 in the freaking morning, hoping that doing puzzle after puzzle would lull me into drowsiness.

I wouldn’t have minded the not sleeping if there had been some Fun Time Benefit to taking the Vicodin.

I didn’t want the meds to begin with, but I agreed to it. So where’s my freaking fun? I want my fun!!!

In other news, Thumper obviously needs some sleep. Past experience tells me I will sleep like the proverbial log tonight, and in the morning the cat will have to stick something up my nose to get me out of bed to feed him.

:::wanders off, shivering with anticipation:::

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