There’s no magic pill to fix my back.
Mostly because they still don’t know what the problem is :/

The x-rays showed a normal lower spine and right hip, so the next step is an MRI. Earliest available they had for that is March 8 at 9 p.m. Yep, 9 at night. So it’s good news that the x-rays didn’t show anything horrendous, bad news that I still don’t know what the hell the problem is.

I did walk out of there with pain meds; I honestly did not want them, but the doc pointed out that my sleep was interrupted, and I need some pain free or pain reduced sleep. She also, after I whined about having gained back a few pounds because I haven’t been able to work out, recommended non-weight bearing stuff. So the next day off the Spouse Thingy has, we’re checking out a local gym and see how good their pool looks (the apartment has one, but it’s too freaking cold…)

And the worst thing? I didn’t get to see my x-rays, so they might have been animated, and now I’ll never know…

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