You’d think there wouldn’t be many differences between duplex living and apartment living. Either way, your space is attached to someone else’s, and there are bound to be some annoyances. You’d think, anyway.

We lived in a duplex in Ohio. And in spite of the headboard-banging noise jokes (‘tis true, Evil Ones…we never heard a thing no matter what we said) the only thing we heard coming from the next door neighbors was the sound of a chair being pulled or pushed across the tile floor.

In the apartment here… yep, we hear things. And our upstairs neighbors do not seem to be noisy people; it’s just the nature of apartment living. You hear things: people walking, the sounds of TVs or radios. Occasional wild laughter. But more than that…peeing. Yes, if I’m in the bathroom and the guy upstairs is in the bathroom, I can hear him pee. And holy crap, can he pee. Make that Pee, with a capital P.

And they have a squeaky bed.
Read into that what you will.
Yep. The joys of apartment life.

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