Poor Max just is not taking this move very well. We had to lock him in the bathroom yesterday while the truck was here to load our stuff, and when we let him out, everything was gone. He spent a good deal of time howling, and when he wasn’t howling he was very clingy (so much so that I abandoned my idea to start cleaning and plopped down to watch TV so he could see me there, not going anywhere.)

Today the cleaning commenced, which upset him even further. He howled some, scowled a lot, and finally disappeared, prompting a frantic “Where the hell is the cat?” search. He discovered safety under the blankets on my air mattress. Once we knew where he was, we left him alone, and he spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon there. He only came out to eat.

The cleaning is mostly done, just the living room and a bathroom to get done, I think. Getting that last room done is going to be a challenge, since everything we have with us is in a pile on the living room floor, and we have to do something with it—but not stick it in another room—while we finishing cleaning.

But hey…at least once in 2 years, my house is clean!!!

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