It was short, sweet, to the point, and exactly what the Spouse Thingy wanted…and it means that for all intents and purposes, he’s free.

Yep, yesterday was his retirement ceremony, capping 20 years in USAF. He didn’t want the huge formal ceremony, so this was held in the anesthesia department conference room, with as many people coming out of the ORs as possible to watch, and our friends from the neighborhood there to help celebrate.

Those holding the ceremony waxed poetic about the Spouse Thingy’s double decade service—I mean, really, I expect him to start walking on water after that ;)—he was given a certificate signed by the President, a medal, and a seriously nice engraved desk clock. I got to pin a retirement pin on him (didn’t jam it into his chest, though the thought did actually cross my mind…) and even got my own spiffy certificate. And flowers!

There was cake and munchies, a little mingling, and it was over. He came home and took off the uniform and put it away, and with a little luck he’ll never have to wear it again.

Pictures here! They’re fairly large, so it might take a minute or so to load if you’re on dialup.

Later on we met with friends for dinner at the Olive Garden. I can honestly say we were good little patrons and did not drive the server nuts, and after waiting on 17 people she didn’t look as if she wanted to commit multiple homicide. That was an especially nice, relaxed time…and I got to sit next to a 4 year old who can (seriously) hold a real conversation.

The packers come today—could be here in about 45 minutes—and the end begins. We even get to head home a day earlier than we thought we would, so we’ll be taking off from here on Monday, dragging our poor PsychoKitty across the country. I’m sure he’ll have quite a bit to say about that…

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