We’re in Cheyenne, Wyoming tonight; we made a little over 700 miles and could have gone on to Laramie, but we spotted a Holiday Inn and decided to stop for the night. Max wasn’t too bad today; he cried for the first 3 hours, but then settled down and only spoke up every now and then. He slept some, and even though he initially refused it, ate a pretty decent snack along the way.

Iowa wasn’t too bad; I have to give the state props, they have the best rest areas I think I’ve ever seen (except for one place, I can’t remember the name, but we’re coming up on it tomorrow, I think.) The stalls are like 6 inches thick and tiled, there are generally at least 20 of them, and they’re all clean. Yep, that’s my good travel criteria: nice rest areas.

Nebraska was all right, too…but I swear, they need to make a law stating cattle trucks have to have some waste collection system instead of letting it just fall out the back. We were not thrilled to be behind one, thinking at first “damn, there are a lot of bugs out here,” only to realize those weren’t bugs, and it wasn’t some “fine yellow mist.” It was a load of cow pee, flinging itself up all over our car. When we stopped for gas, the flies landed like crazy.


With any luck, tomorrow we’ll make it to Elko, Nevada.

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