Winnemucca, Nevada.

Yep, about 800 miles today. Since the cat decided that 5:45 in the morning was a good time to wake up, we hit the road early and kept going after we hit Elko since we still had a little gas left. Of course, I was driving. And of course, I went through a mass of 67 zillion bugs. And of course, there was no place to stop to clean the windshield. And OF COURSE, we were headed west, and ya know what? The sun sets in the west! Right in my eyes! Glaring through a mass of smeared, dead bug bodies!

I added yesterday’s update tonight, and Blogger let me backdate it. I tried to get online in Cheyenne, but my computer and the Holiday Inn’s data port just would not play together nicely. But the hotel was super nice…so we’re in a Holiday Inn Express tonight. And I think they have free breakfast.

Max only cried for a couple of hours this morning. After that he only piped up when the road was rough, and we think it just plain hurt his little body. And he managed to sucker us out of bites of our lunch (well, the Spouse Thingy’s; he had a fish sandwich) and lots of treats along the way.

I think he’s resigned to all this…luckily tomorrow will be the last day of a long time in the car. We’re less than 400 miles from Travis AFB. We’ll likely get there early, since there’s no way he’ll let us sleep late.

I’ll be glad to get there for his sake alone. I really think he’s decided this is how every day is going to be, forever.

And he doesn’t seem to appreciate Fred all that much, either. Possibly because Fred gets out of the car when he doesn’t…

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