Wow...I had forgotten about all the traffic out here. And the prices. And lines everywhere. And how non-green it is. And the traffic...

We rolled in around 1:30 or so yesterday, after not killing the cat while going through the Sierra Mountains (all we can figure is that the altitude change really bothers him, because he howled all the way through and quieted down once we'd gotten into Auburn.) And since we were 2 days early, TLF did not have space for us so we wound up bouncing from motel to motel, trying to find one that takes pets. Oddly enough, the Super 8 in Vacaville takes only dogs. We did find a Best Western that looked pretty crappy on the outside, but inside was decent enough.

And the Boy had a line on an apartment, so we drove by last night to take a peek. We got to see everything except the actual apartment, and it was nice enough that we went back this morning. So now we have a place to live...with access to a year-round heated pool, a fully equipped fitness center, and a raquetball court. The only thing we need and don't have is a garage, so we're going to find a storage place for our lawn mower and other assorted crap that doesn't belong in living space.

The cat should be happy...he has to ride in the car again tomorrow, but only for 5 minutes, and then he'll have a big place to explore. And he won't be terrorized until the truck somes with all of his stuff...

It's kind of nice, moving someplace and already knowing where almost everything is. We're doing a little pointing and wondering out loud "was that here before?" but for the most part, it's all familiar. And I must not have lost that CA driver's edge, because I caught myself doing almost 15 mph over the speed limit on the freeway...and I was still slower than everyone else.

Once I have internet access (I'm at the base library, my laptop modem seems to be punked out) I'll post a couple of pictures. Poor Fred didn't get one of himself partying in photos allowed in the casinos, but he did have himself a good time.

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