Evidently, I whine.

This was made clear to me a couple of days ago when a good friend say, pointedly, “Quit whining and just do it.”

Well. Pffht.
It doesn’t matter that he was right.
I don’t need to hear that I whine.
Ok, maybe I do.
But still.

The topic? Aerobics class. Now, I have no problems with Boot Camp, other than those pesky MIs and bouts of vomiting I tend to get halfway through; it’s the Hi/Lo Cardio & Weight Training class. I like the class, I like the instructor, but dammit, the not-so-varied activity hurts my hips. Enough I was seriously thinking about dropping it and just hitting the weight room and then the pool after.

After all, I only have 2 hips, and I’d like to keep both of them. So I was thinking of going another route.

Oh Wise Dorky One had other ideas, after listening to me describe the pain.

Him: “So for how long after do your hips hurt?”
Me: “About 2-3 minutes.”
Him: “You’re not hurting yourself. It sounds like your hip flexors are still just stiff. They’ll never unstiffen if you don’t give it an honest try.”
Me: “How long is honest?”
Him: “Couple of months at least. You should do warms ups and stretches at home to help yourself along.”
Me: “Wouldn’t it just be better for me to do weights and swimming?”
Him: “No…it would be best for you to stick with the class, and instead of swimming, hit the weights after that. Then you get 5 days of cardio and 3 days of weights, which is enough. Swim for fun.”
Me: “We do weights in the class…”
Him: (snorts)
Me: “We do!”
Him: “Go to the weight room and do the big girl weights. Prove what a bad ass you really are.”
Me: “You just want to read the newspaper article detailing how my legs ripped clean out of the hip sockets, and how the room was soaked in my blood afterwards.”
Him: “Yeah, that’s it.”
Me: “It really hurts.”
Him: “Quit whining. Just do the class and do the weights and quit making excuses.”
Me: “Dork.”
Him: “B—”
Me: “Your wife can be bribed into giving you the wedgy from hell, you know.”

So yeah, I whine. The class does hurt my hips (well, not today…) but I’ll keep going and see how it goes. Gut level tells me he’s right, but still… I hope he gets that wedgy.

And yeah, I whined quite a bit about kickboxing on Saturday, too (well, not to King Dork, but to just about everyone else.) Awesome class, but I crapped out with 15 minutes to go. I don’t mean I just got tired; I literally could not do one more thing. And frankly, peoples, that’s a little embarrassing. Granted the room was wickedly hot and I was sweating like crazy, and went into it probably dehydrated with my electrolytes off (bad DI night Friday…DDAVP wore off early and I don’t think I drank enough to compensate) but still. When you’re the only one who has to stop, it’s like 500 people are staring, pointing, and laughing (tho honestly I doubt anyone other than those who give a damn noticed.) I felt better once I stopped, and the Evilness that lives to my left gave me a ride home (and then turned around and went with her Evil Spouse to get my car)…but still. I crapped out. And it was kickboxing.

OK. No more whine left.
Pass the cheese.

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