Ok, I've been coughing for 10 days now. At least. It finally moved from being just an annoyance to knocking me on my ass; I think I slept most of Friday, Saturday, and a good part of yesterday. Or maybe not so much in Friday...the days are kind of blurring together.

But I'm sitting upright today and coughing up some wonderful goop, so hopefully this is the tail end of it.

Whilst I was feeling like crap, we had a hellacious thunderstorm that knocked the power out. And my computer, as well. So I'm on my laptop until we can find the Windows XP disk that goes with my desktop system (though I'm not completely convinced it actually came with one, in which case I'm kind of screwed.) There's not a lot on that hard drive that's not irreplaceable--it's mostly backed up--but there are a few things that I kinda need off of it. Like passwords to my domains, and some revisions to the book I'm working on (though those are minor revisions that I can recreate...I think I still have the rest of it on a jump drive. I hope.)

And thinking about it, I don't have a hard copy of my FTP software, and if I have to re-download it, that's another $40. Phffft.


Being sick sucks.

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