To satisfy the throngs of people (somewhere between 2 and 20 of you) who have asked whatever happened to the martial arts e-zine I use to edit, and would it ever see the light of day…it’s back online. Sort of. I have the archives back online, and over the next week or so I plan on adding back all the old regular features, like the image library, forms, etc.

It looks a little rough still, but the old articles are there. Until I was reformatting them, I didn’t realize how many I’d actually written, how many Ian had written, and how many regular contributors there were—and how good they were. Though, ya, I should have had a clue about Ian’s, since most of his were published as an essay anthology (yes, let’s plug the Boy…he needs the sales.)

And totally unrelated…yesterday we were at the BX, and there was this guy there playing his guitar (and hence, trying to sell his CDs. Kinda like a musical book signing), and he was amazing. So I bought all 3 of them, and wow. If you like jazz guitar, you’ll love this stuff. His name is Jeffery Smith, and you can find his stuff at I am so totally going to write my next book with his stuff playing in the background…

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