Oddz N Endz Part 1,300,294

How does one accumulate so much CRAP? Really…we weeded out a good 25% of the junk before the last move, yet we still have way too much CRAP. Where did it all come from? Is there a CRAP fairy sprinkling our belongings every so often so that they multiply?

There’s a guy around here, he drives a white Cadillac, who looks an awful lot like my dad. Enough that it freaks me out every time I see him. Especially yesterday, in the grocery store parking lot, where I think he tried to run me over. Well, not on purpose. I don’t think. But he came awfully close to landing me on my ass on the asphalt.

Evil One next door told me today that the Skinny Little Bitch who really ISN’T a Bitch, just a thorough Boot Camp Aerobics Instructor, is leaving in six weeks. Right about the same time we are. While I feel bad for those left behind without her there to provide adequate levels of torture, I feel better about that being one of the things I didn’t want to leave behind. ‘Cause it’s not going to be here anyway. Sucks to be them, holding Y memberships and having no Boot Camp to go to.

The cat is insane. But y’all knew that already.

One o’my bestest friends sent me Godiva Chocolate bars, SIX of them. This shall be quite helpful in my quest to lose weight. Heh. I might--might--share them with the Spouse Thingy.

I had blood work done last week to prep for a doctor’s appointment coming up this week. Spouse Thingy got the results back, and all looks normal. The thyroid is just barely normal. As in .78 is the bottom of normal and mine came back as .80. we’re trying to decide if we should place bets as to whether the doc will find that acceptable (he seems to be a medical minimalist) or if he ups my Synthroid dose. I’m still symptomatic—I’m cold all the time, my nails break if I blink wrong, and although I am exercising pretty damned hard these days my weight will not budge—but since it’s “normal” he may decide that’s good enough.

See the kitty in the box? You know how most of the time you give a kitty a box and 2-3 days later you can get rid of it?

Max loves this box. He’s had it for over a month now, and still plays with it.

I think we’re taking the box to CA. Seriously. We are going to have to tell the packers to very carefully slip it inside another box, so that Max will have his see-through box in CA.

Obviously, the cat isn’t the only insane creature around here…

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