The Windmills Of My Mind


Wil Wheaton’s very first book is due out soon; pre-orders are being taken now. I don’t know for sure, but this might be a limited press run, so if you even remotely think you might want it, order it asap.

Why? ’Cause Thumpa said so ;)

Seriously, Wil can write. He has a unique writing voice and the ability to suck readers into his stories. And what I’m seriously looking forward to: the conclusion of SpongeBob Vega$Pants!

60 laps today!
Ok, I have no idea what “w00t” means, but I’m pretty sure it’s exclamatory. In a good way.

My car needs new brakes.
This after being told in March they were fine.

Quick, everyone send me $100. If all 4 of you who read this send me a hundred bucks, I can get them fixed.

What do you mean by “fucktard”?

Really now.
Go order Wil’s book.

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