Eau d’Doggy

Thirteen year old Hank is seriously slowing down. For the last 12 days his appetite has been basically gone, and getting him to even take his meds has turned into a twice daily Event. Without any food in his system, he’s had zero energy; the poor guy looks absolutely exhausted.

On a whim last night I got out some cat food to see if he’d take it off a spoon. Well, being Forbidden Fruit, he went for it. And while he was snarfing that down, Spouse Thingy opened a can of dog food to see if momentum would keep him going. Hank stayed nice and comfy on his bed, and Spouse Thingy fed him a can of Alpo, bite by bite, off of a fork.

He polished off the entire can. Almost delicately, I might add, nipping the chunks off way-too-stinky doggy heaven off the end of a fork like an old aristocratic widow. If he’d had a little pinky, he would have stuck it up in the air.

This morning, I got his pills down him, and plopped some dry food into his bowl. He didn’t even sniff at it. I waited two hours, until that look in his eyes got to me. It was “I am so freaking hungry but I don’t have the energy to get up.” So I got a can, and took Spouse Thingy’s lead… I sat on the floor and fed him individual chunks of what looked like barf regurgitated three or four times and smelled even worse. But he ate it. And later on, he downed a little Usually Forbidden Food, Moist & Meaty fake burger for dogs.

For the first time in over a week, Hank is now farting his ass off.
That’s a good thing.
I think…

Ummm. Yeah.

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