Update on Hank: he seemed a bit perkier today, and ate a reasonable amount of food. Spouse Thingy got him to eat several tablespoons at a time of this prescription food that pretty much looks like barf; by this evening he’d eaten about half a can. He still had a little bit of diarrhea, so I went to the store and got some Kaopectate (I didn’t want to make him suffer through it all weekend) and a medicine syringe. That seemed to help quite a bit—I made meatloaf for dinner and noticed he smelled it after it had been in the oven for about 20 minutes. When it was done he sat in the living room where he could see us and watched very closely, whining a couple of times to make sure we knew he was still sitting there. I’m a pushover; I had already prepared a plate for him, it was in the kitchen cooling down. When I gave it to him, he inhaled.

We’ve also been taking him out in the front yard a lot, so he can watch the kids play, an they come over to pet him. The attention is doing a lot for him, too. He still looks like he doesn’t feel quite up to snuff, but today he looked a heck of a lot better. So, fingers are crossed.

Yesterday, while Hank lounged in the shade under the tree, Spouse Thingy and I put some flower beds in. It still looks a bit sparse, but a couple of weeks and some Miracle Gro should take care of that. It might even look spiffy in a few weeks.

80 laps in the pool, without stopping. Oohyeah!

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