Sooner or later I’m going to develop gills; well, that’d be helpful, anyway, at least then I wouldn’t need a snorkel to breathe while in the pool. Bit by bit I’m increasing my endurance—I started out a couple months back just walking in the pool, now I’m swimming, and I’m up to 80 laps. A little over a mile.

My next goal is to hit 100 laps, and after that I’d like to push to do the 100 within an hour.

Thing is, I’m working out faithfully, and putting serious effort into it, but the only result I’m seeing is an increase in endurance. I’ve lost no weight, and my measurements are the same. It’s a little discouraging, to be honest.

The state of Ohio finally came through last week, and I have the last of the paperwork I need in order to open for business. Today I finalized setting up an account with the printer … so this week (providing that 1-Spouse Thingy being on leave doesn’t distract me too much, because we are having fun, and 2-I need to email the Head Monkey and make sure I won’t step all over his literary toes) Inkblot Books’ first book should go to print: the collective works of the ’Boxers at WWDN. It’s titled ’Boxer Shorts, and I’m hoping it’s the first of many to come.

Speaking of books going to print; my first two are going back into print soon. Charybdis should go to print again in the next couple of weeks, and As Simple As That a few weeks after that. The new cover to Charybdis is amazing—the photo image is the work of Mark Carpenter (aka VeganDude). Snoop through his photos—the cover is the photo titled “Moving On.”

I still don’t have a cover for ASAT yet… but I’m sure it’ll be spiffy, too.

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