Oooooh yeah! 100 laps!

Well, not yourface specifically, but someone’s face.
Right there in it!

It took an hour and seventeen minutes (or thereabouts) and those last 15 were pretty sloppy looking, but sloppy works. Now I need to work on shaving time off of it. Well, presuming I can do it again and not drown.

Did I mention what a sweetheart HMIC is? I emailed him about the timing of publishing ’Boxer Shorts now (not wanting it to come out at a time that would conflict with the release of his book Dancing Barefoot) and he was totally cool with it. So, it’s been uploaded to the printer and I’m awaiting notice that it’s being set for a proof… Pretty soon the monkeys at the WWDN Soapbox will have their very first book. And hopefully we can do another one this year.

Hank update: he’ll eat, as long as it’s people food. He scarfed down meatloaf yesterday, and today after turning his nose up at the prescription dog food, he ate a hot dog and piece of cheese, and later the meat out of a roast beef sandwich. We know we’re setting him up to be stubborn and only eat people food, but it’s either that or let him starve.

The Kaopectate seems to have worked; he’s still very, very tired and sleeps more than not, but he’s obviously enjoying going out to the front yard, and he’s eating, even if it isn’t the best stuff for him. I’m starting to have a little hope.

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