52 … 52 … 52

Oooh yeah. 52 laps in the pool, baby! I may not be the fastest old lady fishy in the water, but my endurance is getting there.

Last week, Saturday I think, I discovered that my swimsuit had become quite see-through in the back, so I’m wearing mens’ swim trunks and a t-shirt now. Much more comfortable. Now, think about it. Men want women in these skin tight lycra swimsuits, but if you suggest they slip into a Speedo, they’re horrified. So men have these big trunks available to them, while 99% of womens’ suits are like a second skin.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who must be designing womens’ swimwear.

I still need a good pair of swim fins.
Well, I want a good pair, not necessarily need them.

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