The Windmills Of My Mind

Shortly after I filed for a business license, I started getting “offers” from various banks to apply for a line of credit; now, this is an Essential Business Item, as much of what I do will require having a credit or debit card. On the whole, I’d rather use a credit card simply for the liability protection. So I read these offers carefully, because at some point I will need to apply for a card.

Now, these banks got my company name and address from the state, obviously. They know it’s a new business. Yet on nearly every application is a little box asking how much money the business makes every year.

Well now. I don’t really know that yet. I won’t officially launch until April, so all I really have right now is outgo, not income. You think they’d realize this and create a whole new application for Brand Spanking New Businesses.


I don’t think there’s any question about it: we’re going to war sooner or later.

No one wants war, not even those who support the effort. In the end, everyone wants peace, but some believe that the road to Greater Peace is war.

I don’t know what to believe.

I do know that to me it feels as if this war is being shoved down our collective throats without any apparent justification. It feels as if our Esteemed President is posturing, whipping up the Cowboy Mentality and poking his finger in the faces of our allies, trying to bully them into going “our” way. Even if there is good reason to go into Iraq, he’s alienating those with whom we must cooperate by his actions.

That said, I haven’t been given a Really Good Reason why anyone, much less my Active Duty Spouse, should gear up and head for a war. I keep hearing thinly veiled references to the events of 9/11, but nothing to substantiate a connection between Iraq and Al Quaeda. It just seems like Bush wants to use 9/11 as a reason to go into Iraq; if they’re not connected, then it’s a piss-poor reason. If they are connected, we need to know, and we need real facts, not rhetoric.

I also realize there are probably things, because of National Security, that we can’t know. But we definitely need some really good reasons to support a war with anyone, and I’m just not hearing any.

But I wonder… and I don’t really know what to believe.

I’m ready for spring.

The snow was nice, all white and fluffy and pretty, but I’m ready for warmer weather. I want to decorate the yard, plant flowers, grow nice, thick, lush grass.

That’s as in a lawn, peoples.
Not that kind of grass.

Well, not that I’ll admit to.

Send warmth.

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