Pass The Soap

Apparently, in my last blog entry, I said the word shitload. And apparently, some people don't like the word shitload and feel I should refrain from typing the word shitload lest I offend my readers. All three of you.

Well, yes, I sometimes have a potty mouth and shitload is a term that often tumbles from my lips, and whilst I type, from my fingers. In real terms, I don't know how one goes about measuring a shitload, but I'm sure it's a significant amount, and, well, shitload is just an appropriate term for a significant amount of... whatever.

However, in the interests of those who find the word shitload inappropriate and offensive, I shall refrain from typing shitload in my blog, and see to it that shitload is instead an implied term. And I offer warning to those who find the word shitload offensive to not read either of my books, nor my forthcoming one, as shitload is probably found somewhere in each of the tomes, as well as other colorful words such as fuck, fucking, and motherfucker. As well as an occasional goddamn.

So, yes, shitload shall henceforth be banned from this blog.
Until I say it again, of course.
No mo' shitload.

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