We had plans for Valentine’s Day, we really did. For once the Spouse Thingy had the whole freaking day off, which meant that we would be able to see the very first showing on the very first day of a brand new movie, after which we would find other things to do, and then go out to an early dinner (early because I, having a few brain cells left, was not going to brave a restaurant after 5 pm on Valentine’s Day.

This was sweet… made even better by him not having to work the weekend, or even Monday. Four days of no work, and Fun Stuff to do.

Then we saw the 5 pm news Thursday evening, and began to doubt our plans.
Then we saw the 6 pm news, and doubted even more.

By the 11 pm news, we figured we’d better scrap the plans and stay home. Every freaking station was predicting an ice storm to hit the area around 11 am, and it sounded nasty. Rush to the store and buy bread and milk nasty. We’d just done commissary shopping, so we were all right on that front—no standing in long lines to buy food to last the weekend. We could stay home and be nice and toasty warm.

By 4 pm yesterday we were curing the weather people. It was cloudy all day, but no ice. No snow. We could have at least gone to the movie. Probably even dinner.

It started sometime yesterday evening; by the time the storm front hit it was cold enough that what hit was all snow. THEY said we’d get about 3 inches of it.

We got 9.
And more is coming.


For once we had plans, dammit! Those plans did not include shoveling the driveway off today, just to make sure there wasn’t too much to shovel off tomorrow. They sure as heck didn’t include standing in the driveway with the neighbors, staring up at the roof, wondering when the snow was going to slide off and bury the front porch, and quite possibly my car.

Yet… this is our fault. We know this. We have brought the wrath of Our Stupid Bad Weather Luck to the Dayton area, and everyone else has to suffer.

Sorry, Daytonites.

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