The Wabbit Did Not Die

Nope, was just busy. Not too busy to sit down and write a little bit, but to be honest, on my list of Things To Do, it was kind of towards the bottom. It’s been a week of fun stuff. Yep. Fun stuff.

  • The water pipes that lay under our front yard broke. Because of that, the entire street was without water for 27 hours, while these poor guys worked—through the night and in the rain—to get it fixed. They’d fix one leak, and another would spring up. When they were done, they’d fixed 5 leaks.

  • Spouse Thingy got sick. Not just a garden variety cold or tummy ache; he was curled up in a painful ball on the bed, feverish and nauseous, not able to eat anything or drink much for 2 days. But he’s much better now.

  • I got tons of work done on some projects. ’Boxer Shorts is nearing completion—just waiting for contributing authors to get their proof corrections to me before I set it in a final layout. Today I’m mailing a publishing agreement to all of them. The end of March I’ll order a block of ISBN numbers (waiting until then because, honestly, I don’t have the money to get them right now.) I expect to send the book to print by April 15th.

  • Progress was made on my own book. Writing this chapter was particularly difficult because I had to (spoiler for those who have read the last two books) kill someone off. It was sad. I surprised myself by getting choked up when I went back and read what I’d written.

  • Saw 2 movies; Daredevil and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Both decent flicks.

  • Most importantly, I went on a hunt for the elusive Frostless Blueberry Pop Tart and was successful.

Happy last day of February.
And Happy Birthday to my sister Kathy!
And a sort of Happy Birthday to great-niece Kaitlyn, who turns 7, but was born on Feb 29th, so she really gets screwed out of her Real Birthday most years…

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